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“Recovery deatch camps prisoners: People bound with chains, without water and heat, while authorities make strategies” – TV documentary on Romanian ProTV channel, for the “România, Te iubesc” TV show

“In 2004, in the resolution regarding Romania’s adhering to the European Union, Romania was committing to give special attention to the abandoned children and youth, by taking them out of institutions. Ten years later we have approximately 700 institutions pompously called “Centers for Recovery and Rehabilitation” or of “Care and Assistance” of persons with handicaps, and that host 17.000 adults and 7.000 children. They look like concentration camps or death camps, hidden from people’s eyesight and where free access is denied by the authorities, and in which once you get in as a patient, you get out only by death. Images filmed with the hidden camera in 9 such institutions show that after 24 years since the opening of the extermination camps of children with disabilities, Romania is still handicapped when it comes to giving them a chance to a decent life.”

See the documentary here or on the show’s page.


“Europe’s Hidden Shame” – An undercover investigation conducted by Al Jazeera reveals disturbing evidence about the abuse of disabled people in Romania.

Watch here or on YouTube. Find out more on Al Jazeera page: Europe’s Hidden Shame.

1 year ago

“Opening the Courtroom Doors for People with Disabilities” – A New Media Advocacy Project

Watch here or on Vimeo. Find out more about New Media Advocacy Project’s work here.


“Unrecoverable Romania” – TV documentary by Antena 3 Romanian TV channel, for “În Premieră” TV show

“23 years have passed since the West discovered the Romanian ‘horror orphanages’. The children then considered by the system ‘unrecoverable’ have become adults, each of them with their fate, depending of the country it has lived. We invite you to discover how some have been saved by love and how others were condemned to a ‘unrecoverable’ mentality.”

Watch it here, on YouTube or on Antena 3’s website.