Silviu, from institution to community

Silviu Tocilă is one of the young people who recently moved into the services of ProAct Suport, an organisation that supports people with disabilities living in the community. But for Silviu, as for any young person moving into the community, the transition is extremely difficult. He’s breaking away from a sad but secure life to try to be independent.

Booklets on combating hate-speech

The materials presented in this article have been produced with the aim of supporting the prevention and combating of hate speech in Romania, by providing a tool for deconstructing prejudices towards certain minorities and groups vulnerable to discrimination, such as Asylum Seekers and Refugees, Hungarian Minority, Jewish Minority, LGBTQ+ Community, Mothers, People who experience homelessness, People who live in poverty, People who live with HIV/AIDS, People with neuro-cognitive disabilities, and the Roma Minority.

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We organise training courses, workshops, webinars, debates for professionals, organisations, beneficiaries, in the fields of disability rights protection and discrimination.

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Barriers faced by defendants with intellectual and/or psychosocial disabilities

CLR has released the briefing paper on the barriers faced by defendants with intellectual and/or psychosocial disabilities in the criminal justice system in Romania. The methodological approach combined documentary research and fieldwork (interviews). The methodological approach combined desk research and field work. The desk research involved the identification and analysis of relevant policy documentation (e.g., national legislation, policy, strategies, reports, statistics) regarding the provision of reasonable and procedural accommodations in the justice system for persons with disabilities.

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