Booklets on combating hate-speech

The materials presented below have been produced with the aim of supporting the prevention and combating of hate speech in Romania, by providing a tool for deconstructing prejudices towards certain minorities and groups vulnerable to discrimination, such as the ones below.

In all the materials the word “myth” was used in the English meaning of “a commonly believed but false idea (according to the Cambridge dictionary) and is also commonly used in Romanian in reference to myth-busting.
In fact, we are referring to prejudice, both in its meaning in the Explanatory Dictionary of the Romanian Language, and in the meaning in social psychology, according to which prejudice is “a dislike on the basis of an erroneous and inflexible generalisation” (Gordon Allport, The Nature of prejudice, 1954), i.e. a negative or hostile attitude towards a particular group of people, strictly on the basis of belonging to that group.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Hungarian Minority

Jewish Minority

LGBTQ+ Community


People who experience homelessness

People who live in poverty

People who live with HIV/AIDS

People with neuro-cognitive disabilities

Roma Minority