Advocate for dignity


AdaptJust- Accessible Justice for people with disabilities

The general objective of the project is to improve the implementation of the ECtHR and the CoE Committee of Ministers regarding the rights of the persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities deprived of their freedom. The project will increase the capacity of the magistrates and the civil society to defend the rights of the persons with disability, will pilot five actions within a mechanism of protection and will propose an Action Plan to prevent the inhuman, degrading and ill treatments in the state administered institutions where the persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities are placed.


Free to Decide. Transition from guardianship to Supported Decision Making for persons with disabilities

The project aims to increase the capacity of persons with mental disabilities, stroke and dementia to exercise their rights and to maximize their autonomy. The project will develop and pilot four models supported decision making services in collaboration with public and private social service providers.


Ensure the protection and safety of persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities in risk situations. Advocate for the right to live independently and the right to health.

The project aims at improving the legal and institutional framework on the protection of rights of persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities and their right to live independently in the community, improving respect for the right to health for the most vulnerable groups of people with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities (persons living in congregated facilities, deprived of their liberty or in rural and remote locations) and developing the capacity of the relevant stakeholders in administrative, judiciary and civil society to act for the protection of the fundamental rights of persons with disabilities.



Innovating European lawyers to advance the rights of children with disabilities


Death Camps Next to You


Access to justice for children with mental disabilities

The project aims to ensure access to justice for children with mental disabilities, building on existing guidance and standards related to children, victims of crime and adults with intellectual disabilities.


THE PRACTICAL SCHOOL: Innovation in higher education and success on the labor market

Main objective: Extending the learning opportunities through the Practical School – essential factor for promoting the innovation in higher education, regarding the increase in competitivity and insertion of graduates on the labor market.



doamna mariana dumitrache n fața cursantilor Adapt just. Stă în picioare, zâmbește. Cursantii notează. Pe ecran se vede titlul sesiunii pe care o susține: cercetarea infracțiunilor comise asupra persoanelor instituționalizate aflate în situatii vulnerabile. Accesible justice: a common effort of self representatives with disabilities and legal professionals 8.03.2023 - People with disabilities face multiple barriers when they need to access the justice system, many more and more subtle than those faced by people without disabilities. Whether they need to go through the legal process of reviewing court injunctions or need to report an injustice or violation of rights when they find themselves as victims […]
The Romanian Government provides no human rights guarantees to adults and elderly with disabilities secluded in social care homes 2.03.2023 - We urge the Romanian Prime Minister to activate the UNCRPD Coordination Mechanism concerning the rights of persons with disabilities
Casa Cora – human rights monitoring report 21.02.2023 - Unconsensual relocation. Arbitrary deprivation of liberty. Lack of personnel.
Cristina’s concentration camps 20.02.2023 - How do vulnerable people become commodities? How are they auctioned? What are they subjected to on a daily basis? Read more here.
From institution to institution. What happens to people with disabilities when they are locked up? 9.02.2023 - “Casa Cora”, Voluntari, Ilfov – a residential centre where the team of CRJ monitors arrived last autumn. The visit is going with difficulty. Initially, the representative of House Grandma Anastasia`s S.R.L. refused access to the CRJ monitors on the grounds that the S.R.L. administrator was not present and that the Public Health Directorate – Ilfov […]
People with disabilities locked up against their will – Bad, inhumane and degrading conditions. 1.02.2023 - Wednesday 7 September 2022. Representatives of the Legal Resources Centre are waiting outside the gate of the Centre for adults with disabilities “Armonia”, in Ilfov county, Afumați commune. It is another of the unannounced monitoring visits that the JRC has been making for 20 years in such centres, the first in this place. A second […]
Armonia – human rights monitoring report 26.01.2023 - Inhumane and degrading conditions. Lack of personnel. Common desire for deintituionalisation.
“Harmony” of Sfântul Gabriel cel Viteaz association: bedbugs and the smell of urine and faeces 25.01.2023 - Persons with disabilities or elderly people, deprived of freedom, infantilized and humiliated day after day. Read more...
Money factories disguised as “private care and assistance centres” 25.01.2023 - The multiple violations of the rights of people with disabilities that the Centre for Legal Resources identified during monitoring visits to the Care and Assistance Centre for Adults with Disabilities “Sfântul Gabriel cel Viteaz”, Voluntari, Ilfov County, are brought to public attention, where they belong, with the support of journalists Ovidiu Vanghele – Media Investigation […]
National Training Session: Rules of the Committee of Ministers concerning the supervision of ECHR judgments against Romania in respect of the rights of persons with disabilities and/or mental health problems 17.01.2023 - Romania is condemned by ECHR judges for violating the rights of people with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities, especially in the areas of access to health services, dignified life in the community, access to justice, arbitrary deprivation of liberty, inhuman and degrading conditions of treatment, family life and child rearing and care. In order to respond […]
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