Human Rights Monitoring Reports

CLR constantly organises unannounced monitoring visits to public or private social care homes, psychiatric hospitals, medical units, sheltered housing. After each visit, the monitors of the CLR who have been present at the specified locations draw up a monitoring report, which is then sent to the authorities and published in the section below.

For more than 20 years, the CLR has been documenting abuses and human rights violations in institutions, reporting them to the authorities and, where necessary, filing criminal complaints.

*The use of any information extracted from the monitoring reports of the Centre for Legal Resources implies the obligation to cite the source, i.e. the CRJ, the name of the report and the project in which it was carried out.

29 February 2024Sângeorgiu de Mureş, Mures County’’Men Heart Association’’ Social Care Home for the Elderly

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The total capacity of the social care home is 43 places and at the time of the visit there were 40/41 residents. The social care home is described as being deep cleaned, twice a day, according to the residents, but on arrival, on the morning of the monitoring visit, there was a smell of urine. Access to the community, visits and communication with the exterior are regulated according to a visiting schedule displayed at the entrance. According to the data provided and the observations during the visit, it can be assumed that most beneficiaries use diapers and they are changed only in the morning and evening. Some residents stated that they did not know who the family doctor was, they had never seen them. There are complaints from some beneficiaries about periodically cutting hair to short lengths without taking into account personal preferences.
29 February 2024Bercului Street, No. 204, Ungheni, Mures CountyPsihosan

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CLR draws attention to the consequences, which can be extremely serious, of the ambiguous character of the unit, which can create a special situation in relation to suicide risk situations. Thus, as it was already the case in the unit visited, if a person comes with a depressive background and/or suicidal risk, it is not known whether the unit has and applies a precise protocol for managing this situation. There is no information about specific specializations and training courses for working with the psychiatric patient from which the staff of the unit benefited. There is no clear information about how episodes of psychomotor agitation with or without auto or heteroaggression are managed. Generally, the unit staff describe that if a person is agitated, they try to calm the person down through discussion. If, however, this approach does not work, then they call the ambulance service/112.
24 March 2024Spitalului Street, no. 111, Măgherani commune, Mureş countySocial Care Home for the Elderly Măgherani

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The social care home for the elderly is a residential social service subordinated to Magherani Local Council, operating since 2007. It has a capacity of 42 seats, distributed across two pavilions. There is a lack of a clear schedule of daily activities, spending time or to recover/maintain residents’ capabilities, lack of correct provision of information to the residents about their possibility to leave the social care home (there are residents who say they want to leave, but do not know what their rights are); Poor hygiene of bedridden persons accommodated in the old pavilion, eorn wooden floor from the rooms of the old pavilion, which additionally contributes to the heavy smell that is constantly felt in that pavilion.
OBS: The CLR team did not have access to the files/register related to the recording of deaths in the social care homes. According to the statements of some residents, but also after checking the lists on the doors of the wards with the residents of the room, it appears that deaths occur almost regularly, at least once a month.
23 March 2024Panseluțelor str., no. 5 Târgu Mureş, Mures countyCounty Clinical Hospital Ward of Neurology and Paediatric

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According to the statements of the neurology and pediatric psychiatry ward’s staff, often the steps taken by the social worker of the Targu Mures County Clinical Hospital are hindered by delays in responses, actions and clarifications from institutions such as county’s D.G.A.S.P.C. There is a: lack of professional services in the community to ensure continuity of medical and therapeutic services needed by children; lack of staff available to accompany young children to the paediatric neurology and psychiatry ward when they are being hospitalized; Lack of up-to-date provision of information to ward staff about the rights of abused children and their families (e.g. a number of free psychotherapy sessions).
24 March 2024Str. no. 259, Bălăuşeri commune, Mureş countyBălăuşeri family-type home

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The Bălăuşeri family-type home is a one-story house located on the main street of the commune. At the time of the monitoring visit, 8 children lived in Bălăușeri F.T.H., 6 of whom were present. Children’s age ranges from 10 years to 18 years. The atmosphere in the house was harmonious and pleasant, we appreciate the way children are involved in household activities, which is the most natural way to prepare for an independent life.
3 October 2023Târnăveni, Mureș countyPsychiatric wards of the Municipal Hospital “Dr. Gheorghe Marinescu”

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Inadequate infrastructure and serious undersizing of human resources; Living conditions of patients accommodated in certain wards are dehumanizing, depersonalizing, pathogenic and violate fundamental rights, especially the right to privacy; lack of recreational/educational activities, etc., diversified and adapted to the needs of patients; registers (of restraint; shift; incidents, etc.) not properly filled in or missing parts of certain periods, etc.; existence of persons placed under legal guardianship who have no legal representative.DSP address
3 October 2023Luduș,
Mures county
Outpatient department of chronic psychiatry
City Hospital “Dr. Valer Russu”

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The space where the psychiatric ward operates is unsuitable for its intended purpose. Much of the building is dilapidated and has the appearance of a ruin. The location of the psychiatric ward in an isolated place next to a cemetery is totally inappropriate;
There are no recreational, educational activities, etc. Most patients do not even have access to television, etc.; Certain rules/procedures (regarding restraint, seclusion) are not respected; this results, among other things, in the violation of patients’ fundamental rights.
DSP address
4 October 2023Căpușu de Câmpie, Mureș countySocial care home for elderly people

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The social care home’s 30 residents lived in decent conditions in terms of rooms and space. From the dialogue with the residents, it appeared that some of them have complaints about food, as well as not having activities; Residents did not indicate any problems related to the relationship with the staff of the social care home, their attitude; No elements were identified that could indicate that residents are subjected to punishment, inhuman or degrading treatment.Address
4 October 2023Ernei, Mures countySamaritan Health Academy Association –
Senior Academy Socio Medical Facility

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The social care home’s 23-24 residents lived in decent conditions in terms of rooms and space. The monitoring team spoke to some of the beneficiaries who did not indicate any problems with the staff, their attitude, the quantity and quality of food. No elements were identified that could indicate that beneficiaries are subjected to punishment, inhuman or degrading treatment.Address
4 October 2023Căpușu
de Câmpie, Mureș county.
CIA Sfântul Andrei, CIA Sfânta Maria and LMP Căpușu de Câmpie (social care homes)

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Căpușu de Câmpie Management Unit does not have the resources to manage certain important psychiatric/psychological pathologies (behavioural disorders, self- and heteroaggressiveness, suicide attempts, etc.); in the 3 social care homes where 60 people are housed there is only one psychologist who intervenes mainly (or only) through psychological counselling; residents do not have psychological therapy programmes and services (psychotherapy); extremely serious situations are managed with extremely limited means.Address
22 Septrembrie 2023Voluntari, IlfovSocial Care Home for the Elderly “Royal Medical Clinic”

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The 11 residents of the social care home lived in decent conditions, but the rooms were not hygienically maintained: only one nurse did housekeeping and care. Some of the residents mentioned that they had complaints about the food, that they did not have any activities, that they felt closed in and only slept, that they were not allowed to watch TV as they were forced to watch a certain programme of popular music, and that they wanted to leave, some telling us that they had asked to leave several times.Address submitted to AJPIS
Address submitted “Royal Medical Clinic”
AJPIS response
 At the time of publication of the report, representatives of the Royal Medical Clinic had not provided an official response. Mrs D., the company’s representative, sent a message on 25 October saying that the social care home had closed, all the beneficiaries had been moved to their families and that she would like to be invited to the CRJ training courses in the future.
ANPDPD response
7 September 2022Voluntari, IlfovSocial care home “Saint Gabriel the Brave”

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27 residents are under the care of a team consisting of a nurse, nurse, social worker and administrator. Some of them have severe disabilities. The residents are malnourished and uncared for. They are allowed to colour, listen to lullabies and watch TV. They can only decide whether to stay in the yard or in bed. The social care home has an isolator. Most have not left the facility since they were moved. They don’t know their rights, they can’t complain, they don’t have access to paper or writing instruments, they don’t have a telephone. The living space has a shabby, impersonal appearance.Complaint to the authorities – St. Gabriel the BraveOpen letter to the Prime Minister, Nicolae Ciucă, and the authorities’ replies to the complaints of the CRJ regarding the situation in Ilfov county – available HERE
 Allocation of lots – request to the Ministry of Labour and the reply of the Ministry of Labour
 Termination of the cooperation protocol and correspondence with the Ministry of Labour – available HERE
 Open letter to the Prime Minister, Marcel Ciolacu, with a view to the dismissal of the Minister of Labour, Marius Constantin Budăi – available HERE
7 September 2022Afumați, IlfovSocial Care Home “Armonia”

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32 residents are kept in extremely degrading and unsanitary conditions. The whole social care home is infested with bedbugs, the walls, mattresses and blankets are filthy. The only 2 bathrooms available do not seem functional. The residents look unkempt, are sad and tell the CRJ team that they want to leave the social care homeas soon as possible. Inadequate means of containment and isolation are mentioned. It appears that there have been several deaths, but it has not been possible to establish the causes and the clear number of deaths.Complaint to the authorities – Harmony
25 October 2022Voluntari, IlfovSocial Care Home “Casa Cora”

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There are 60 residents in the social care home, contrary to legal requirements. They arrived here without their consent. Many have difficulties moving around, but are not offered adequate support and facilities. One resident has to crawl to the bathroom. The premises are inadequate and unsanitary, with used clothes and materials thrown on the floor. The smell of urine is prevalent. Residents are scantily dressed, with short haircuts. They cannot take part in activities, cannot be visited and are not allowed to go out in the community.Complaint to the authorities – Casa Cora
06 June 2022
27 June 2022
Ciocănești, jud. CalarasiCiocănești Care and Assistance facility, Ciocănești county. Calarasi   
27 June 2022
6 December 2022
Vâlcelele, jud. CalarasiVâlcelele Rehabilitation Centre, Vâlcelele county. Calarasi   
16 January 2020Sighetul Marmației, MaramureșProtected Housing, 93 Stefan cel Mare Street, Sighetul MarmațieiThe 12 residents live in bleak, shabby condos with dilapidated utilities. Human and professional concern for their welfare leaves much to be desired. None of the residents (children or adults) have been prepared for transfer to this facility. They are offended and neglected, they want to be transferred or return home. There is no therapeutic intervention plan for each individual resident, activities are chosen randomly.
16 January 2020Sighetul Marmației, MaramureșMultifunctional facility “Help”, Sighetul MarmațieiThe wards are overcrowded, the furniture is old and insufficient, and most of the residents sit in beds. There is a general unpleasant smell. Residents do not benefit from privacy or quiet. An important first step has been taken towards respecting the rights of a resident with self-harming impulses.
17 January 2020Sighetul Marmației, MaramureșFacility for Placement, Assistance and Support of Young People (CPAST), Sighetul MarmațieiThe social care home houses about 42 residents in poorly personalised wards with a shabby atmosphere. Bathrooms lack dividers and doors. Three of the residents have jobs. A good relationship is described with at least one of the nurses. The situation of a minor resident who no longer communicates verbally raises suspicions. There is one resident with deafblindness, but no staff with sign language skills.
16 January 2020Ocna Șugatag, MaramureșFamily house no. 2 (CTF 2), Ocna Șugatag, jud. Maramureș.The home houses seven children with disabilities. They have not been prepared for transfer. They are only taken to school twice a week. The employees have no experience in the field, but want specialist training. Their involvement has helped residents successfully implement personal hygiene rituals. Suspicions of human rights violations arise in the case of two residents, whose records indicate inconsistency and neglect, contributing to their deteriorating development.
16 January 2020Călinești, MaramureșSocial care home for Recovery and Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities Calinesti (CRRPH Calinesti)The general atmosphere is calm, positive, the social care home is clean and residents communicate cheerfully. It describes a very good relationship with the staff involved in a real way. Most residents have mobile phones, the right to communicate is not restricted. The rooms are personalised and adequately furnished. Residents are free, happy and involved in activities, especially in the garden where teamwork is also encouraged. There is no punishment. Efforts are made to avoid psychiatric admissions. The approach to employees is a model of good practice.
28 January 2020Huși, VasluiSocial care home for Recovery and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities Huși188 residents live crammed into dilapidated wards, where there are cockroaches. There is a strong smell of urine and faeces in the bathrooms, the utilities are out of order and there are no sanitary products. Water and food are served in inadequate conditions. There are isolators. Residents fear the staff and reflexively defend themselves. They are neglected and kept in “ev environment” conditions. Hygiene and medical care are inadequate. The process of deinstitutionalisation and the right to live independently are not prioritised.
27 January 2020Răcăciuni, BacauNeuropsychiatric Recovery and Rehabilitation facility in RăcăciuniOnly some segments of the unit offer decent living conditions. Some of the bathrooms are too dirty and cannot be used. The individual rehabilitation and social integration programme is not completed for all residents. Institutionalisation is perpetuated without recommendation of rehabilitation and reintegration activities. Agitated residents are restrained with a makeshift straitjacket. The unit has a severely deteriorating isolation unit. Psychological services are outsourced.– Response AJPIS Bacău –
ANDPDCA Conclusions
3 September 2019Sighetu Marmației, MaramureșSocial care home for Recovery for Persons with Disabilities and Psychiatric Ward I “Men” Sighetu MarmațieiResidents with disabilities are confined to cages, some are bound with shirts and strips of cloth. CRRPH Sighetu Marmației has no informed staff or psycho-social intervention plans. Sewage drains behind the building. Sighetu Marmației Psychiatric Ward I “Men” has unsanitary conditions, lack of specialised staff and major procedural difficulties. Therapy is exclusively drug therapy, all international human rights treaties are violated.– Answer AJPIS Maramureș –
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