Non-discrimination, beyond words

The project aims at raising awareness regarding Romanian society’s high level of accepting and internalising hate speech within the public space. It also aims to capacitate citizens to identify, report and combat hate speech, including through de-constructing of bias towards various groups vulenrable to discrimination (myth busting of bias), providing tools and easy access to information. Not only that formal education, at all levels, is far from being inclusive, but it even discriminates against or build on the prejudice that persist in the society (through school segregation, stereotypical text books etc – as showed in the CLR analyses available at and the research report Furthermore, the available data show a high level of discrimination against certain groups/ minorities, as well as a low degree of reporting and sanctioning.

Main activities:

  • Elaboraton of a reseach report on how antidiscrimination legal provisions are accessed in Romania with reference to hate speech and hate crimes, for the last 5 years. The report shall be resumed at the end of the project.

    An overview on hate crime and hate speech. Romania – country profile: 2021-2022

  • Creation of a set of instruments that bust myths, that take apart bias and aim at combating hate speech, starting from the research report and the voices of those directly affected by discrimination: there will be organised meetings with members of vulnerable groups and their organisations in several cities in the country in order to identify their main needs in connection to combating stereotypes and hate speech.

    Asylum Seekers and Refugees

    Hungarian Minority

    Jewish Minority

    LGBTQ+ Community


    People who experience homelessness

    People who live in poverty

    People who live with HIV/AIDS

    People with neuro-cognitive disabilities

    Roma Minority

  • A raising-awareness campaign on non-discrimination and hate speech, with the direct participation of vulnerable groups and involvement of the public. The campaign will include thematic meetings all over the country, creativity contests for young people, as well as for journalists, bloggers and vloggers.
  • Monitoring the public discourse and ”sanctioning” hate speech through publishing of legal opinions/ human rights based statements regarding cases of hate speech, lodging complaints to the National Council for Combating Discrimination, the National Audio-visual Council of Romania or through other ways identified as suitable for the ”sanctioning”.  

Identifying Discriminatory Criteria in the Allocation of Social Housing (Summary)

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