Publications and reports


An overview on hate crime and hate speech. Romania – country profile: 2021-2022 (Report)

Booklets on combating hate speech regarding:

Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Hungarian Minority

Jewish Minority

LGBTQ+ Community


People who experience homelessness

People who live in poverty

People who live with HIV/AIDS

People with neuro-cognitive disabilities

Roma Minority


Identifying Discriminatory Criteria in the Allocation of Social Housing (Summary). Complete study, in Romanian language, here.


Exploratory studyThe situation of discrimination against Roma and LGBTI+ Roma in Romania, 2021

We believe in the power of personal stories to overcome prejudice,  labelling and even discrimination. That is why we are sharing the life stories of five Roma people, including four LGBTQ people from all over the country, with very different life experiences, different levels of education and professions, and different personalities. These are stories about personal quests and self-discovery, happiness and personal victories, about trauma and healing, difficulties and love stories. Their protagonists are Adina, a Roma woman; Dora, a non-binary Hungarian Roma person; George, a gay Roma man; Izabella, a lesbian Roma woman and Daniel, a
gay Roma man.

Study on access to social housing

Discrimination, self-esteem, and Romania’s education system: suggestions for interventions regarding LGBTQ Roma youth and Roma youth


Non-discrimination in Education: An analysis of the current situation from a non-discrimination perspective in multiple sectors of the Romanian educational system (Summary)


Report for Romania: Referral, Assessment and Information Provision to Victims of Crimes

National Report on the Right to Information and to Support Services – The Situation of Victims of Domestic Violence


An overview on hate crime and hate speech – Country Profile ROMANIA


Combating hate crimes. Guide for practitioners and decision-makers

Child-friendly justice – perspectives and experiences of professionals: Romania


Human rights litigation on behalf of the Roma. A guide for lawyers


The contribution for Romania of the Center for Legal Resources (CLR) as National Focal Point within the FRANET network to FRA’s Annual Report 2013

The Center for Legal Resources contribution to the national report regarding the discrimination of Roma, in the NET-KARD project 


The contribution for Romania of the Center for Legal Resources as National Focal Point within the FRANET network to FRA’s Annual Report 2011


Contribution to the FRA Annual Report 2010 – Ad-hoc information request


FRA Annual Report 2009

Thematic Study – Housing Conditions of Roma and Travellers


FRA Complementary Data Report RAXEN (Complementary Data Report)

Thematic Study on child trafficking – Report on Romania

Legal Study on Homophobia and Discrimination on the Grounds of Sexual Orientation

ENAR Shadow Report Romania 2008


Romanian NFP RAXEN Data Collection Report


Romanian NFP RAXEN National Data Collection Report 2006