Diversity Management and promotion of antidiscrimination principles

CLR and INTERACT have implemented a series of seminars and training courses on diversity management and promotion of antidiscrimination principles between November 2007 and March 2008.

The beneficiaries of training courses on antidiscrimination were over 40 representatives of NGOs, trade unions and employers, and a member of the Board of Directors of the National Council for
Combating Discrimination.

The main topics addressed in the two training modules were:
– Legislation on combating discrimination;
– Ways to prevent discriminatory behavior in the employment relationship (special session for representatives of trade unions and employers);
– Methods of lobbying and advocacy;
– Presentations of case studies of national and European legislation.

The training courses were held between 7-9 November 2007 (first module) and 5-6 March 2008 in Predeal (second module).

The seminar on Diversity Management was held on 24 January  2008 in Bucharest. 58 human resources officers from the public and private sectors, and NGO representatives participated in this seminar, which took place in all EU countries.

The topics of discussion covered in the seminar focused on the following:
– The principles of diversity management;
– European realities;
– Case studies in Romania and Europe;
– Understanding the skills to promote diversity;
– The image of a successful company promoting diversity on the job.

The seminar was attended by Dr. Kazuma Matoba – Master Trainer in Diversity Management, as special guest, and two representatives of Coca Cola HBC and ABN AMRO Bank, who shared audience own experiences and examples of good practice in promoting diversity.

Project implementation period: November 2007 – March 2008

Project Partner: INTERACT training and consulting company

Donor: European Commission, General Directorate for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

Budget: 31,820 EUR