INTERSECT – Changing the narrative of discrimination

The project INTERSECT – Changing the narrative of discrimination aims at fighting against discrimination of Roma, through activities on raising awareness on discrimination and its negative impact on society; and a strong component of empowering the Roma at local level and promoting their participation in developing, implementing and monitoring policies that affect them. It also supports the capacity building of Roma and pro-Roma civil society at local level.

The innovative aspect of the project is putting on the agenda the LGBT Roma, a group affected by multiple discrimination.


  1. Mapping of needs of young Roma and LGBT Roma from five cities in Romania, followed by information and training, mentoring, as well as workshops for designing of and subsequent local raising awareness campaigns implemented by the Roma themselves, with the support of the project team;
  2. Representation of Roma and Roma LGBT’s interests in at least 15 cases of discrimination;
  3. Training courses targeting local authorities in five cities and workshops with students in universities. Supporting the design and implementation of online antidiscrimination campaigns by students, along with Roma and Roma LGBT students/ youth;
  4. Elaboration of a research on discrimination of Roma and Roma LGBT in Romania. Inclusion of best practices and cases identified and resulting from the project.

Exploratory study. The situation of discrimination against Roma and LGBTI+ Roma in Romania, 2021

We believe in the power of personal stories to overcome prejudice, simplistic labelling and even discrimination. That is why we are sharing the life stories of five Roma people, including four LGBTQ people from all over the country, with very different life experiences, different levels of education and professions, and different personalities. These are stories about personal quests and self-discovery, happiness and personal victories, about trauma and healing, difficulties and love stories. Their protagonists are Adina, a Roma woman; Dora, a non-binary Hungarian Roma person; George, a gay Roma man; Izabella, a lesbian Roma woman and Daniel, a
gay Roma man.

5. National raising awareness campaign on antidiscrimination of Roma and Roma LGBT. Drafting of public policies on non-discrimination.

Study on access to social housing

Discrimination, self-esteem, and Romania’s education system: suggestions for interventions regarding LGBTQ Roma youth and Roma youth

The project is coordinated by CLR – Center for Legal Resources and implemented in partnership with the following organisations: ACTEDO – The Equality and Human Rights Action Centre, MozaiQ LGBT Association and UCTRR – Association Civic Union of Young Roma from Romania. 

Calendar: August 2019 – July 2021

This project was funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union (2014-2020). Total estimated budget: 213,727.15 Euro, of which 170,980 Euro the EU contribution and 42,747.15 Euro the contribution of organisations implementing the project.   

Project funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union (2014-2020).

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