Developing capacity of the NGOs to fight against corruption

The project aimed to develop the skills and capacity of local non-governmental organizations to monitor and fight against corruption, and also, report local government’s integrity problems and present proposals to local administrations. Target groups of the project were non-governmental organizations at local level active in the fight against corruption, journalists and local public administrations.


  • Developing expertise to anticorruption NGO local level;
  • Monitoring the integrity of local public administration;
  • Promoting the integrity of local public administration.


  • 10 non-governmental organizations involved locally in the fight against corruption have been selected in the project;
  • 3 training sessions on anticoruptiei for local organizations and journalists have been delivered, and then the apprehended monitoring methods were applied;
  • local government institutions in 10 counties were monitored on the basis of size and scale;
  • anti-corruption institutions have been asked  to identify cases of corruption and monitoring results were presented publicly in the form of 10 reports and 10 debates on these reports;
  • based on local reports and organized debates, a national report was drawn up on the integrity of local government, which was disseminated in all counties.



September 2006 – August 2007


European Union through the PHARE 2004, Civil Society


87,960 EUR