Payback – Towards a EU Data Management System for Seized Assets

Raport final

General Objective:

The PAYBACK project will develop and test in selected MS an innovative Data Management System for seized assets. The PAYBACK DMS is intended to be a scalable ICT tool – transferable with adaptations to different EU national contexts – for the collection, management and automatic analysis of data on seized assets.

Specific objecties:

  • to map existing databases and Data Management Systems (DMS) for seized assets in the EU and identify strong and weak points;
  • to understand stakeholders’ needs in terms of management of seized assets in the EU;
  • to develop the software prototype of an innovative DMS for seized assets;
  • to pilot test the PAYBACK DMS prototype in selected countries and refine it;
  • to disseminate the projects’ findings.

Expected results

  • comparative report on the existing national databases and DMS on seized assets;
  • stakeholders’ needs report in terms of management of seized assets;
  • university lectures and presentations at relevant national/international conferences;
  • Payback DMS prototype;
  • user guide/manual for the Payback DMS prototype;
  • guidelines for transferability of the Payback DMS prototype;
  • report on the piloting of the Payback DMS.


  • University of Trento (UNITRENTO)


  • Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD), Bulgaria;
  • The National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security and Justice (INHESJ), France;
  • Centrul de Resurse Juridice (CRJ), Romania;
  • Consiglio nazionale dei dottori commercialisti e degli esperti contabili (CNDCEC), Italy.

Associate partners

  • Agence de gestion et de recouvrement des avoirs saisis et confisques, AGRASC (FR);
  • Criminal Assets Bureau, CAB (IR);
  • Commission for Illegal Assets Forfeiture, CIAF (BG);
  • Central Office for Seizure and Confiscation, COSC (BE);
  • Asset Management Section, Ministry of Interior (CZ);
  • Rome Tribunal (IT).

 Duration: 15.01.2016  – 15.07.2018 (30 months)

Donor: European Commission, Directorate-General Migration and Home Affairs

Total eligible budget CLJ: 70,262.62 (EU grant: EUR 63,210.66)