Human rights and advocacy – tools for institutional reform to protect young people with mental disabilities and/or HIV+/AIDS infected

The project aimed at carrying out an evaluation of the situation of young people with mental disabilities and/or HIV+/AIDS infected in placement centres and centres of the National Authority for Disabled People, evaluating whether their rights were respected and identifying remedies to promote the rights of those young people.


– 40 centres for protecting children with mental disabilities and affected by HIV/AIDS and 20 centres for rehabilitation and recovery and/or neuropsychiatric hospitals for youth with chronic diseases who were transferred between 2000-2004 were monitored
– various meetings were held with members of the Committees for disability of young people for corretly deciding for transfer to other forms of institutionalized protection
– 5 seminars were organized for regional representatives Directorates for Child Protection, Institutions for Disabled People, Directorate for Public Health, local NGOs active in the field, representatives of young people in institutions, county and local councils. CLR reports on monitoring visits were analyzed. Participants tried to identify ways in which local authorities can ensure the protection of children and youth with mental dizabilities and/or affected by HIV/AIDS
– a national monitoring report was developed and disseminated to all institutions involved in the field

Project implementation period: August 2005 – September 2006

Funding: UNICEF Romania

Budget: 32.275 USD