Independent monitoring of detention institutions

The project was aimed at creating a favorable framework of establishing a system of independent monitoring of human rights in detention institutions (police arrest, prisons, psycho-social centers), to prevent inhumane and degrading treatment. Although there were various non-governmental organizations which have made efforts in this respect, it was proved that these efforts must be focused, sporadic actions not achieving the expected results. For this monitoring to be permanent, it is necessary to adopt an independent monitoring mechanism attended by all stakeholders involved in the protection of human rights.

– A team consisting of 12 volunteer monitors was formed, who performed the 20 monitoring visits in the pilot area
– The team of monitors received specialized training, the course included both theoretical modules focused on international law, international standards and practices in the field of rights of people deprived of freedom, as well as visits to the Gherla prison, Cluj county police arrest and Borsa psychiatric hospital.
– Overall, the rigths of people deprived of freedom were monitored in 10 institutions in the counties of Sibiu, Cluj and Mures.
– Based on the conducted monitoring visits and international standards in the field, CLR has proposed a series of principles of the independent mechanism for monitoring the respect for human rights in detention institutions.
– These principles were presented and discussed at the national conference held in September 2008, attended by representatives of authorities responsible for the situation of persons deprived of freedom: the Ministry of Justice, the National Administration of Prisons, the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform, the General Inspectorate Police – Directorate for Combating Organized Crime, the Ministry of Health and Family.
– In order to support those who will enforce the monitoring mechanism a Guide to monitoring the compliance with human rights within detention institutions was created and distributed.

Partner: APADOR-CH (main applicant)

Project implementation period: August 2007 – September 2008

Funding: Government of Netherlands through the Facility of Strategic Activities in the field of Human Rights and Good Governance

Budget: EUR 44.237 (of which CLR: EUR 13,357)