Policy Papers

Within the project, 5 policy papers were elaborated by the previously trained NGOs, with CLR’s assistance and contribution, on topics of common interest. The activity was aimed at growing the capacity of NGOs that work in the service of vulnerable/discriminated against groups, in orderto use international human rights standards for analysing the situations that discriminated against persons have to face and for finding solutions, also working together in elaborating these documents. The following topics were approached: the lack of accessibility of the public space for persons with disabilities; the the difficulty in obtaining identity papers encountered by persons who are not able to provide proof of residence; the absence of centres for disseminating the culture and idea of gender equality; the need for emergency centres for victims of sexual violence; the need for pro bono lawyering services:

1. Breaching the fundamental rights of persons with disability through the lack of accessibility

2. Facilitating the access to identity papers for vulnerable persons

3. Timișoara needs a space for facilitating the dissemination of gender equality ideas and culture

4. Emergency centres for victims of sexual violence: an imperative in Romanian context

5. Pro Bono lawyering: an indicator of the functioning of the profession in a real democracy