CFJ International labs: Justice can be child-friendly

CFJ International labs: Justice can be child-friendly event!

The event is organized within the European Union`s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020 co-funded project Child-Friendly Justice: Developing the Concept of Social Court Practices

PRISM Impresa Social s.r.l. Italy, along with the consortium made up of the Center for Legal Resources Romania, the Bulgarian Center for Nonprofit Law and coordinated by the Validity Foundation invite you to a series of international workshops aimed at improving knowledge, exchanging ideas and imagining new ways of working in relation to the organization of strategic disputes for children in vulnerable situations, as well as building and strenghtening cross-sectoral capacities. The international laboratories consist of three meetings on 1 April 2022 (online), 8 April 2022 (online) and 20 April 2022 (hybrid – Palermo, Italy and online), independent of each other. During them, professionals, lawyers, experts and practitioners will meet in order to exchange ideas, practices and experiences from their practice.

The labs will be conducted in English.

The project aims to improve access to justice for children with high vulnerabilities in the criminal justice system by developing and disseminating specialized models for the individualized assessment of their needs, in accordance with national and European law. They aim to create friendly justice systems for child victims and children suspected or accused of a crime, especially those who are in vulnerable situations.

The labs have in common the aspects of sharing ideas and experiences in an effort to interconnect and create a specialist network, addressing topics such as individual child assessment procedures, the importance of multidisciplinary teams or the way in which the CFJ model for assessing children’s needs has been designed and implemented, all from an objective as well as subjective point of view, in relation to everyday practice. They aim to shed light on the real needs of children in relation to justice systems, following the subjects as follows:

  • LAB 1 (1st of April 2022): procedures for assessing children individually, the importance of multidisciplinary teams, how to overcome the gap between what is applied in practice and in theory;
  • LAB 2 (8th of April 2022): critical views on how the CFJ model of individual assessment of children’s needs in different European contexts has been designed and implemented;
  • LAB 3 (20th of April 2022): meeting with italian local authorities to exchange knowledge and experiences and a review of all three workshops.

About the day to day schedule and more details about the event, here!