Building the watchdog capacity of local NGOs to monitor the implementation of anti-corruption measures and exercising the right to justice


Developing local and national NGOs’ and investigation journalists’ skills of monitoring people and procedures within the local government on 7 key issues:

  • Procurement,
  • Conflicts of interest,
  • Incompatibilities,
  • Transparent decision-making,
  • Access to public information,
  • Protection of whistlerbowers,
  • The relatioship with the National Integrity Agency.


60 non-governmental organizations willing to act in the rule of law and 60 investigation journalists active in the local or regional media


  • At least 60 local NGOs and 60 journalists will acquire skills for effective monitoring of public administration and will be able to make complaints about corruption acts,
  • 20 monitoring reports of local public integrity will be developed,
  • Approximately 100 hours of legal aid for partner NGOs will be provided by hired lawyers on various issues related to legislation in the field of non-profit,
  • At least 30 cases of breach of integrity and transparency of decision-making will be brought before court,
  • A national monitoring report on public local integrity will be issued and disseminated to partners NGOs and journalists, public institutions and the general public,
  • 4 will be held discussions on regional integrity monitoring at the local level,
  • The public will benefit of 3,000 brochures on legal proceedings that can be accessed to bring to court the corruption cases and severe violation of integrity among civil servants within local and central administrations.


July 2008 – June 2010


Civil Trust for Central and Eastern Europe


160.000 USD


Meetings with the citizens’ local reprezentatives on their participation to the public life