Meetings with the citizens’ local reprezentatives regarding their participation to the public life

Citizens’ participation in public life – topic debated by CLR with the local  reprezentatives of the public institutions, trade unions, employers and NGOs

What is the citizens’ role in a democratic society? Why are the citizens indifferent? How can they participate to the decision making process? Why do they feel helpless towards the political system and the decisions imposed by the politicians? Here are several questions launched by the Center for Legal Resources during the meetings with the reprezentatives of the citizens, organized within the project „Building capacity of the local NGOs to monitor corruption”, developped with the financial aid of the CEE Trust.

The meetings with the NGOs reprezentatives, trade unions, employers, public institutions and authorities or other professions with the role of decision in public life at the local level took place on the 17th February in Targu Mures, on 24th February in Targu Jiu, on  30 th March in Bacau and on  31st March in Iasi. By bringing these topics closer to the citizens, CLR wanted to know to what extend they can and wish to change the reality and to solve the problems that  affect them.

Previous to each debate there have been four press conferences on the issue „Integrity and corruption: the role of the citizens”. On this occasion, have been launched the Guide for the citizens – „How can we reffer corruption within public authorities” and the Report on transparency and responsability – „Public administration integrity”.




Debate: “Citizens’s role for a better government”, Targu Mures – the 17th of February 2010; Targu Jiu – the 24th of February 2010