Together for integrity and good governance


Strenghtening the role of the NGOs in the integrity and good governance building process at the local level through the development of a national network for integrity and good governance, able to influence the public policies and to promote positive changes in the society.


  • Creating  a national network of NGOs, activating in the area of integrity and good governance;
  • Increasing the amount of integrity oriented activities of the local NGOs within the network, in order to influence the local public policies;
  • Contacts’ development at the level of international networks for good governance and exchange of best practices between the local Romanian and European „watchdog” NGOs.


  • the „Integrity and Good Governance” network, initiated and coordinated by CLR, will set up its status, its internal organization and communication regulation, its action plan  and will have its own internet website, updated with the past and on going activities;
  • the network will spread on 12 counties (Iasi, Bacau, Galati, Vrancea, Timisoara, Cluj, Alba, Mures, Braila, Constanta, Targoviste, Gorj), Bucharest city and other five selected counties during the project implementation;
  • granting the network’s membership for 5 more NGOs;
  • 40  persons will be trained to organize 18 Local Integrity Groups (LIG) made up of reprezentatives of local public institutions, business environment, academia, the network’s Permanent Working Groups (PWG)  and to promote the integrity strategy;
  • carrying out 18 local reports on the topics discussed within the local integrity groups and the issues they have raised;
  • carrying out 3 monitoring reports of the PWGs in the following areas: conflicts of interest, incompatibilities and illicit enrichment; corruption and corruption prevention; access to information, transparency, public policies and cutting the red tape;
  • carrying out a report on the European best practices regarding the integrity and good governance practices disseminated at the network’s level;
  • setting up institutional connections with a European network of good governance;
  • organizing 18 meetings with decision making persons at the local level to promote the strategy and and the action plan regarding the integrity maintainance and its strenhtening for the period 2008-2010;
  • organising a press conference to discuss the integrity and good governance  problems  identified at the local level and disseminating results towards the  factors in these tasks.


December 2008 – October 2009



European Union through PHARE Programme, the 3rd Division – the development of the NGO sector and civic education


81.325 EURO


Round table to launch the report “Integrity, where to?”

Meetings of the Permanent Working Groups