The Centre for Legal Resources starts „Education without discrimination is also my business!”

The „Education without discrimination is also my business” project aims to contribute to the increase of the visibility and transparency of the public debate on how children are educated within schools from a nondiscriminatory perspective and in order to increase the educational inclusion of those vulnerable. While encouraging the participation in the debate of all relevant actors, including of the representatives of those vulnerable or of those working in the social field, on which the educational inclusion also depends, the sources of exclusion will be mapped and concrete solutions will be proposed. Using a media campaign, the project aims also to raise the awareness of the large public that an inclusive and nondiscriminatory education is a topic which should interest everybody. In the same time, the project will also promote the idea of an integrated participation of authorities with a mandate in inclusion in order to respond to the multifaceted sources of educational exclusion, at the same time promoting the need for a greater community involvement around the school.

If we want a democratic country that it is not racist, sexist, homophobic and it doesn’t exclude disabled people or those different, in general, if we want a country where everybody has a chance, then education is the main field of action. We all must be aware that what and how children learned in the last 26 years and what and how they are learning today in school has built Romania as it is today and it will be the Romania of tomorrow. It’s the last chance to become interested in what the text-books say, if the teachers and the system are trained to manage so that they would include and accommodate difference and not exclude it, if all these lead to a democratic society where the human dignity of everybody represents the highest value or if all these lead to a monochromatic society that excludes and hates what is different and that sees the world in an univocal manner. Through this project we will research and raise concrete issues related to these ideas, has declared Delia Niță, Manager of Anti-Discrimination Program within CLR.

The project is implemented from January 1st to December 31st 2016 and it is co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.

Contact information: Valentina Nicolae, Project Manager,

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