Development and application of monitoring mechanisms on Government actions in the field of protecting the rights of the people with mental disabilities within healthcare and social institutions in Romania

The project aims to empower the government representatives with responsibilities in defense and protecting the human rights from health care and social assistance institutions for the recovery and care of the mental disabled persons, by monitoring how human rights are respected in these institutions, as well as raising awareness on this issue amongst civil society and the patients.
Target group: over 3000 patients from related institutions, over 60 representatives of the ministries, national and county authorities involved in the field and over 100 representatives of the active related NGOs.
– monitoring the following institutions: the Ministry of the Public Health, the Ministry of Labour, Family and Chance Equality, the National Authority for the  Disabled Persons, National Authority for the Protection of the Child’s Rights, the Ministry for Education, Research and Youth.
– checking if the rural psychiatric hospitals make every endeavor so that the hospitalization and medical treatment of the patients be carried out with the informed consent of the persons concerned
– promotion by the representatives of the civil society of the rights of the target groups, through changes and legislative proposals
Partners: The Romanian League for Mental Health
– to develop and implement  the monitoring tool in 15 institutions from rural area and at the level of the relevant ministries
– drawing up the national monitoring report
– organizing 5 round tables to enhancing the  watch dog role of the local NGOs and the authorities awarenessRound Table Alba Iulia (on the 9th September)

Round Table Sibiuibiu (on the 10th  September)
Round Table Ramnicu Valcea (on the 11th September)
Round Table Timisoara (on the 22nd September)
Round Table Bucharest  (on the 5th October)- organizing a national conference to present the monitoring results
– organizing 2 information trainings for the monitors

Period of the project: from 24th December 2008 to the 23rd October 2009Funding: The European Union through the PHARE 2006 Program, “Increasing the role of the civil society in the integration process of Romania “, Component 2 – “Democracy, consumer protection, social dialogue, gender issues and employment”
Budget: 89.850 euro

Round Tables

International Conference – Monitoring the rights of the patients with mental disabilities

Report on the Rights of the Persons with Mental Disabilities (EN)