From institution to institution. What happens to people with disabilities when they are locked up?

1 - Very small beds in a dark room, clothes all over the place, residents in tracksuits staying in bed, visibly distressed.
2 - An isolated room, ex-hallway
Residents in bed/Isolated room

“Casa Cora”, Voluntari, Ilfov – a social care home where the team of CLR monitors arrived last autumn. The visit is going with difficulty. Initially, the representative of House Grandma Anastasia`s S.R.L. refused access to the CRJ monitors on the grounds that the S.R.L. administrator was not present and that the Public Health Directorate – Ilfov did not allow the visitors access to the social care home. Thus, the representatives of the CLR did not have access to any documents, did not meet any social worker, psychologist or doctor and the coordinator of the social care home did not allow the interviewing of the residents. However, several serious violations of the rights of residents living in the social care home came to light:

  • Overcrowding – The number of residents does not meet legal requirements.
  • Trans-institutionalisation – residents “loaded” onto buses in the middle of the night and transferred from one social care home to another
  • Arbitrary deprivation of liberty – one resident complained of unlawful deprivation of liberty and deprivation of liberty; most residents had difficulty getting around, CLR observed only one chair/bed one resident says she “can’t stand” and crawls to get to the bathroom
  • Inadequate living conditions and spaces – living spaces do not meet residents’ needs and have nothing to do with their integration into the community
  • Lack of dedicated activities – no specific activities, residents get bored or occasionally help the nurses

Cristina’s camps – Media investigation

A broader look at the situation is brought to the attention of the general public by journalists Ovidiu Vanghele and Bianca Albu in a media investigation, which can be read on the Investigative Media Center or Buletin de București.
The two journalists have also managed to document issues related to the institutional background of people with disabilities, beneficiaries of the services provided by the economic operator S.C. House Grandma Anastasia’s S.R.L.

Requests and referrals from CLR

We are concerned about the way in which the responsible authorities have apparently “forgotten” about the existence of these people and have allowed them to be abducted, deprived of their liberty, starved, not provided with adequate medical and social assistance services.
We also call on the Public Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the facts described in the articles published by journalists and in the CLR monitoring reports.