NEW: Decisions of the Committee of Ministers – rights of persons with intellectual and/or psychosocial disabilities

We appreciate the position taken by the European institutions (Council of Europe – Committee of Ministers, department for the supervision of the execution of ECHR judgments) regarding the cases in which Romania has been convicted, which were examined during the meeting of 5-7 June 2023.

Among the issues highlighted were:

  • urged the authorities to continue to allow these organisations access to these people in all types of facilities where they can be cared for, so that these provisions and the protection they offer remain practical and effective;
  • with regard to the new system of legal support and protection, called on the authorities to closely monitor its implementation, in particular the ongoing reassessment of the situation of those previously placed under guardianship […]
  • strongly urged the authorities to redouble their efforts to adopt, without delay, solutions in line with the provisions of the Convention regarding the situation of those who, like Mr Câmpeanu, have no relatives able or willing to take over support tasks
  • stressed the need to ensure respect for human rights and accountability for the treatment of persons with disabilities who are still placed in institutionalised and closed environments.

H46-22 Centre for Legal Resources on behalf of Valentin Câmpeanu and N. (No. 2) v. Romania (Applications Nos. 47848/08 and 38048/18

  • have taken note of the findings of the Ombudsman’s report […] and of the recent observations of civil society which once again demonstrate the urgent need for remedial action and have expressed their utmost concern about the high risk of further violations that this situation entails;
  • […] strongly deplored the lack of any indication that the authorities, in particular government departments with key roles and responsibilities, are now engaged in developing a strategic, comprehensive and coordinated response to these rulings, including when it comes to making financial provisions to support the necessary actions;
  • urged […] the Romanian authorities […] to show greater determination and commitment by providing impetus, direction and coordination to the actions needed to implement the Decisions;
  • strongly urged them to present to the Committee, by 30 September 2023 at the latest, a clear and precise roadmap with a tight timetable for the finalisation and adoption at the highest level of government of an Action Plan […], highlighting the initiatives driven by public actors and civil society and the work carried out in this context;
  • decided to resume consideration of these cases at their human rights meeting in March 2024 and, in the absence of significant progress towards finalisation and adoption of the necessary action plan, instructed the Secretariat to prepare an interim draft resolution for consideration at that meeting.

H46-23 Parascineti, Cristian Teodorescu group, N., and R.D. and I.M.D. v. Romania (Applications Nos 32060/05, 22883/05, 59152/08 and 35402/14)