Romania under the UN magnifying glass from the human rights perspective

On January 19, 2018, the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review of the Human Rights Council adopted the recommendations resulting from the assessment of Romania. Romania received 203 recommendations on human rights from 78 states. [1] These cover all human rights issues, and the level of detail of the statements and recommendations of most states shows that the human rights situation in Romania is well known; and that the failure of the Romanian authorities to ensure the protection of fundamental rights, especially of the most vulnerable of Romanian citizens, is very well seen outside Romania. Here are some of these recommendations, mostly related to the objectives explicitly promoted by the CLR through its programs:

  • Intensify efforts to protect people with disabilities by renewing cooperation with NGOs and conducting thorough investigations in cases of abuse. (Norway);
  • Ensure that acts of discrimination and violence against LGBT people and people belonging to other vulnerable groups are adequately investigated and the perpetrators are held accountable (Austria);
  • Implement the existing legal framework on segregation, and in particular urge concrete implementation of the National Roma Strategy 2014-2020 (Switzerland);
  • Adopt and implement a strategy to combat discrimination against members of minority groups, including religious groups (United States of America);
  • Take action to combat hate speech and hate crimes effectively, in particular by ensuring that all forms of violence are specifically addressed and punished according to the law, as recommended by the Treaties bodies (Belgium);
  • To systematically collect and publish segregated statistical data on hate crimes, which should include information on the perpetrators’ motivation (Germany);
  • Remove any existing restriction on the practice of providing legal advice, counseling or pro bono services by lawyers to those in need of legal aid and who cannot afford legal representation. (Portugal);
  • Take active steps to prevent discrimination against the LGBTI community, for example, by including gender identity in the list of non-discrimination criteria and legislative provisions for the same-sex partnership and marriage (Ireland);
  • Take steps to introduce comprehensive and evidence-based education on sexuality in the compulsory curriculum for secondary education and to ensure sufficient teacher training on education regarding sexuality (Finland);
  • To develop and implement a national plan to combat gender violence and to provide more resources to assist victims (Spain);
  • Review curriculum and history textbooks to ensure that minority cultures’ diversity and perspectives are reflected and stereotypes and prejudices are removed (Hungary).

The Center for Legal Resources has participated in the process of the Universal Periodic Review of Romania from the outset, through a written contribution [2] through a statement in the pre-session organized by UPR-Info, [3] but we have also been present in the hall at the evaluation session of Romania, [4] offering a reaction to the national report of Romania. [5]

The final report, which will also contain the position of Romania, especially what recommendations the Romanian state accepts from the other states, will be adopted at the 38th session of the Human Rights Council (18 June – 6 July, 2018).  CLR asks the Government of Romania to accept, and once the recommendations are accepted, to make real and bona fide efforts to implement them, prioritizing at the decision making and budget levels the necessary measures for the respect of human rights in the Romanian society and for the effective protection of those vulnerable to discrimination and exclusion.

Contact person: Delia Niţă, Human Rights Officer, +40 729 120 383,


[1] You can watch the recording of the session in which the evaluation of Romania took place, where statements and recommendations were made (you can select which fragments of the record you want to watch depending on the intervention of each state), here: . You can also see the report of the Universal Periodic Review Group regarding Romania, by simply creating an account on UPR Extranet, at

[2] The Center for Legal Resources has made a contribution to the UN Periodic Universal Review of Romania, June 29, 2017, available here:

[3] “Fake it instead of make it”: CLR criticizes Romania’s approach to human rights issues, 15.12.2017, available at:

[4] CLR reacts at the UN, 16.01.2018, available at:

[5] The official documents on the basis of which Romania’s assessment was made, including the national report submitted by Romania, can be found on the website of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Universal Periodic Review – Romania, 3rd cycle, at:  The final report will also be found here.