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Mobile Legal Clinic

The Mobile Legal Clinic is part of the project ”SOS: Romanian NGOs, together for the rights of persons with mental disabilities in closed institutions


Innovating European lawyers to advance the rights of children with disabilities


Death Camps Next to You


Access to justice for children with mental disabilities

The project aims to ensure access to justice for children with mental disabilities, building on existing guidance and standards related to children, victims of crime and adults with intellectual disabilities.


THE PRACTICAL SCHOOL: Innovation in higher education and success on the labor market

Main objective: Extending the learning opportunities through the Practical School – essential factor for promoting the innovation in higher education, regarding the increase in competitivity and insertion of graduates on the labor market.



URGENT CALL FOR ACTION: PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES IN CAGES IN SIGHETU MARMATIEI 3.09.2019 - On 3 September 2019, the Center for Legal Resources (CLR) and Tonal Association launched an urgent call for action, following a very serious situation identified at the Sighetu Marmației Center for Recovery and Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities and at the Sighetu Marmației Municipal Hospital Men’s Psychiatry Ward in Maramureș county, Romania. The situations identified […]
The Government’s failure to protect its’ children 20.03.2019 - Prime Minister, Viorica Dăncilă, Minister of Health, Sorina Pintea, Deputy President of the National Authority for the Protection of Children’s Rights and Adoption, Gabriela Coman, Mr. President of the Romanian College of Physicians, Dr. Gheorghe Borcean, Mr. President of the College of Psychologists from Romania, Prof. Univ. Dr. Ion Dafinoiu, Mr. President of the College […]
The Centre for Legal Resources spoke before the UN Human Rights Council 4.07.2018 - Last week at the UN Human Rights Council, the report on the Universal Periodic Review of Romania was formally adopted, a review done from a human rights perspective. The Centre for Legal Resources participated at this stage with two interventions (speeches) in reaction to Romania’s position as to the recommendations received. The topics we tackled […]
Romania under the UN magnifying glass from the human rights perspective 19.01.2018 - On January 19, 2018, the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review of the Human Rights Council adopted the recommendations resulting from the assessment of Romania. Romania received 203 recommendations on human rights from 78 states. [1] These cover all human rights issues, and the level of detail of the statements and recommendations of most […]
CLR reacts before the UN 16.01.2018 - Today, January 16, 2018, Romania was evaluated within the UN Universal Periodic Review mechanism, at the 29th session of the UPR Working Group. This process includes the evaluation, every five years, of the human rights situation in each member state, an evaluation which is being done by the other states.[1] The Centre for Legal Resources […]
Centre for Recovery and Neuropsychiatric Rehabilitation Măciuca – a New Episode in the Long Series of Abuse 24.01.2017 - Foto from Bucharest, January 24th 2017. The Centre for Legal Resources (CLR) emphasizes that the abuse perpetrated on the people with mental disabilities, locked in the Centre for Recovery and Neuropsychiatric Rehabilitation in Maciuca, Valcea county, Romania, and the lack of interest regarding the prevention of this abuse represents inhuman and degrading treatment, to […]
Foto via Centrul de Investigații Media Vasilica Constantin – a lifetime nightmare in the care of the Romanian State, from the crib to the cemetery 3.08.2016 -   On August 2nd, 2016 CLJ’s monitoring team visited the center for young adults with disabilities Endemedica in Bragadiru, alongside the National Authority for Persons with Disabilities (ANPD) and the Center for Media Investigations. The object of this visit was to observe the way in which human rights are respected at this center. CLJ has […]
The Journey 10.05.2016 - Nicolae Cojocaru has been through the often-without-exit labyrinth of the child protection system and escaped only by running from it. His testimony takes down, piece by piece, the realities of a system that protects, recuperates or rehabilitates, on paper but, in reality, it signs the condemnation of people with a stroke of a pen. The […]
On Human Rights Day, the Centre for Legal Resources draws attention to the abuses in state financed centers for persons with mental disabilities 10.12.2015 - Today, the world’s countries celebrate Human Rights Day, as it was established by the UN Assembly on December 10th 1948. Still, Romania has few reasons to celebrate, given the fact that human rights are rather a slogan and a challenge, than part of the social reality. On this occasion, the Centre for Legal Resources wishes to […]
Do we need a revolution for the rights of institutionalized persons with mental disabilities to be respected? 3.12.2015 - Today, December 3rd 2015, Romania should celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, as it was proclaimed by the United Nations in 1992. But the information gathered through monitoring visits and presented by the media reveal that the 25,000 people with mental disabilities living residential centers will not be celebrating happily. Just try and […]
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